A Definition of Parental Alienation

      "When your ex-partner is pathologically determined to erase you from the lives of your children, using any means possible, by poisoning their minds, thereby weaponising them and turning them against you, to further their personal vendetta and fuelling their bitterness."

      Parental Alienation is a form of psychological and emotional abuse usually perpetrated by narcissists or those with personality disorders.

      Parental Alienation Training Collection

      Essential Training For Targeted or Alienated Parents

      As a targeted or alienated parent you need to learn everything you can about Parental Alienation from reliable & credible sources! This is your first step!

      At Parental Alienation Europe we are committed to providing educational products that deal with the subject of Parental Alienation, so that we can help targeted or alienated parents fight to protect themselves and their children from the long term effects of the psychological abuse of Parental Alienation. As you will see, these are the same products we deliver to professionals, but to help parents, we provide them at heavily discounted prices.

      For a limited time we are offering 3 Essential Training Products PLUS 2 FREE BONUSES at heavily discounted prices, specifically created for those who are serious about fighting Parental Alienation!

            3 Essential Training Products AT ONE LOW PRICE! PLUS 2 FREE Bonus Products

                #1 Understanding The Dynamics of Parental Alienation
              Training Video For Targeted or Alienated Parents

              Value €120.

              #2 Parental Alienation Conference Recording, Dublin, May 2019

              Value €75.

               #3 Parental Alienation - Understanding Assessment & Intervention Seminar Recording

              Value €150.


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              Education is the weapon you need to fight Parental Alienation!

              TRAINING PRODUCT # 1

              Parental Alienation Foundations

              Understanding The Dynamics of Parental Alienation Training.

              Essential Training For Parents Experiencing Parental Alienation.

              Normal Value €120

              Professional Training By Parental Alienation Expert Brian O'Sullivan

              Consultant Systemic Family Psychotherapist & Co-Founder of Parental Alienation Europe

              M.Sc. (Syst. Psych), B.A Psych & Psych Testing, Dip. Emergency Medicine, FTAI, ICP, PASG.

              • An expert in Parental Alienation with over a decade of clinical experience

              • Expert witness in family law cases where alienation is considered to be a factor

              • Works with alienated parents and children on a daily basis

              • Has helped to reunite alienated children with their targeted parents

              • Published peer reviewed papers internationally on Parental Alienation

              • Interviewed on TV & Radio on the subject of Parental Alienation

              • Has been featured in numerous press articles and interviews on Parental Alienation

              • Lectures in universities and provides training to mental health and legal professionals on the subject of Parental Alienation


              What's Included In This Important Training For Targeted Parents?

              • The Definition & History of Parental Alienation, this is not a new issue! Don't be fooled by the denigrators who say it was invented in the 80's by Richard Gardner.

              • The 5 Factor Model for identifying Parental Alienation and determining whether you are in the Mild, Moderate or Severe stages of Parental Alienation

              • The 17 Alienating Strategies that alienating parents use to turn your kids against you and how to spot them

              • The 8 Behavioural Symptoms of Parental Alienation that manifest in children that are victims of Parental Alienation

              • 17 Strategies To Address Parental Alienation and protect yourself, your child and your sanity

              • The Tactics Alienating Parents Use, how to spot them so that you can protect your child and yourself

              • Adultification, Parentification & Pathological Triangles, the way alienating parents operate to exclude you from your child's life

              • The Voice of The Child and the difference between expressed wishes and ascertainable reasons

              • Identifying an Expert In Parental Alienation and why you need suitably qualified experts working with you

              Alienated Mother shares her experience of this training!

              "Recently I purchased the Parental Alienation Training for Parents.  I found it very easy to watch, incredibly insightful, supportive, giving clear information on what Parental Alienation is, and how to deal with it best we can.


              1 from a parents perspective who is the target, 2 with the child, that’s been used to do this. Really found it helpful, loved the tips on how to talk to child phrases/ words to use with child when we are talking to them. Incredible support information for the parent direction on how we can make things better or change (no one is perfect and certainly in these situation it’s hard to see the wood from the trees) so unintentionally may have been acting saying things that fuel the alienator or hurt the child more.


              Thank you for this wonderful support. My wish is that all Solicitors, Lawyers, Barristers, Judges, Therapists, TUSLA Social workers learn see the signs as this abuse is used in courts by the other party who is doing this every day in Ireland just to get at other parent which only results in damaging the child . It’s a jack pot what judge you get on the day, what they want to hear, the processes is lengthy and costly and it’s the child who suffers.


              Let’s encourage those in the system, give this to your Barrister, Solicitor and Therapist to educate them now!”


              JT 01/09/2019

              TRAINING PRODUCT # 2

              Parental Alienation Intermediate

              Parental Alienation Conference, Trinity College Dublin,
              May 2019

              8 International Experts on Parental Alienation

              Normal Value €75

               #2 of 5 PARENTAL ALIENATION CONFERENCE 2019

              We held the first Irish Conference on Parental Alienation where some of the world's leading experts in this area spoke about Parental Alienation from a number of perspectives including legal, social and mental health. They spoke about the impact of Parental Alienation across these areas and what is being done worldwide to combat this form of psychological & emotional abuse.


              Expert Speakers You Will Learn From In This Conference Recording

              Professor William Bernet

              The Five Factor Model for a Diagnosis of Parental Alienation

              Sean Wygant - Forensic Psychologist

              Maltreatment in alienated Children and Resolving Issues of Diagnosis, Assessment, and Treatment

              Caroline Langley - Barrister

              Parental Alienation No Bars required.

              The American perspective

              Melanie Gill - Psychologist

              Attachment and the Courtroom

              Brendan Guildea - Barrister

              The In-camera Rule in law

              Liz Archer  - Reunification Expert

              Science not Guesswork

              Mairead Stewart - Parental Alienation Researcher

              Parental Alienation & Attachment Based Parental Alienation in Children of Divorce & Separation

              Brian O'Sullivan - Systemic Family Psychotherapist

              The Lived Experience of Parental Alienation. An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis

              • Alienation Can Last A Lifetime

                If your ex is successful in alienating you, then it could be for the rest of your life. That is the harsh reality of Parental Alienation! Lawyers, judges, social workers and custody evaluators can only help you if you can explain the facts, clearly and concisely! Even at that, most of them don't understand Parental Alienation and you have an uphill battle ahead of you to educate them! But if you can show a solid basis for your argument, that it is a case of Parental Alienation and you can provide evidence, at least you have a fighting chance! This training will show you what you need to look out for, so that you can explain what's happening! 

              • Be Different To The Other Alienated Parents!

                Most alienated parents are grievingangry, frustrated, anxious, depressed and downright pissed off and have every right to be! But how do these emotions help you fight your case?


                Alienators on the other hand are calm, collected, charming and convincingThey are MASTER MANIPULATORS and can lie with ease! Sound Familiar?

                Who do you think the judges believe in court? The emotional loving parent that's fighting for their children? No - The convincing liar! - that is unless you can be calm, collected and you express yourself clearly and effectively! That's why we have created this training, to teach you what you need to look out for so that you can calmly show the court what is happening to you and your children.

              • Be Smarter & More Informed Than The Narcissist Alienator!

                Alienators usually are narcissists or have borderline personality disorder and because of your breakup, you are now the focus of all their attention and bitterness and your child is their weapon of choice! Their issues won't go away, so it is no longer about you being an ex-partner, it is now their desire to make you an ex-parent! They want to erase you from your child's life!  Only you can stop this!

              • You Need To Be Better Informed!

                Be able to explain the dynamics of Parental Alienation in a structured manner! You need to have your facts straight as you are fighting an uphill battle whether you know it or not!

              • You Need To Make The Best Choices In Who Represents You or Who You Speak With!

                By educating yourself, you will be able to tell if a lawyer, therapist or social worker actually knows what Parental Alienation is and whether they will be able to help you protect yourself and you children! Most of them don't have a clue! Included is access to our Reference Database where you can gain valuable information to support your case from some of the world's leaders in Parental Alienation!

              • Treat Every Day As Your Last Chance!

                If you think that Parental Alienation will go away by itself then you are sadly mistaken! The longer you are separated from your child(ren) the more ingrained the alienation becomes! At every opportunity, you need to make your case of Parental Alienation and hopefully you will finally have your voice heard! 


                This training is intended to help parents just like you to create a sound foundation from which you can make a solid argument, based upon facts and supported by international peer reviewed information so that you can protect yourself and your child(ren) from a life sentence of Parental Alienation!

              • Don't Make The Same Mistake So Many Others Make!

                Many parents go into court and scream Parental Alienation and it falls on deaf ears! Don't make this mistake! The purpose of this training is so that you can describe what is happening in a logical manner, then let the court, custody evaluators or mental health professionals decide what it is!


                Triangulation, Cross Generational Coalition, Pathological Parenting, Maladaptive Gate Keeping, Unjustifiable Estrangement all equal Parental Alienation. This training and the information in our Reference Database will teach you how to explain what is happening so that whoever you are speaking with, whether they understand Parental Alienation or not, will see that there is a serious problem that needs to be fixed!


                This training is intended to help parents just like you to create a sound foundation from which you can make a solid argument, based upon facts and supported by international peer reviewed information, so that you can protect yourself and your child(ren) from a life sentence of Parental Alienation!

              TRAINING PRODUCT # 3

              Parental Alienation Advanced

              Parental Alienation 

              Understanding, Assessment & Intervention Seminar

              Training Seminar For Allied Health Professionals

              Normal Value €150


              • With parental alienation now included in the ICD-11, this training will empower participants to identify and assess for the presence or absence of parental alienation in a family.

              • To provide a grounding in the theoretical models, global research, assessment protocols and evidence based interventions relevant to parental alienation.​

              • To enable identification of risk factors and alienating behaviours in children, carers and families.


              • To be able to understand the many counter intuitives that leads many professionals to misinterpret parental alienation for justifiable estrangement.


              • To understand the many emotional constructs that alienating parents use to coerce the child(ren) to erase a target parent from their child's life.​


              BONUS PRODUCT # 4

              Parental Alienation Essential

              Parental Alienation 

              Reference Material Database Access

              The most important Peer Reviewed Papers on Parental Alienation available so you can really get to grips with all the latest information on Parental Alienation.

              Included While Offer Is Valid


              • We have created a Reference Database that contains some of the most reputable peer reviewed, published research on the subject of Parental Alienation.


              • The authors in our Reference Database are among the most respected experts in the world who work constantly to educate and fight 
                Parental Alienation


              • Our Reference Database will allow you to learn from the most respected international experts so that you can support your case using the most reputable sources of information


              • We are regularly updating our Reference Database as new publications are released


              • When you purchase this Essential Parental Alienation Training you are given LIFETIME ACCESS to our Reference Database

              BONUS PRODUCT # 5

              Parental Alienation Essential

              Male Domestic Violence & Parental Alienation Documentary

              This documentary explores the lived experiences of a male domestic violence survivor and includes interviews with Brian O'Sullivan and other professionals working in this area

              Included While Offer Is Valid


              Brian's first undergraduate award was in Emergency Medical Science. He then earned a B.A. Psychotherapy & Psychometric Testing before earning an M.Sc. Systemic Family Psychotherapy at University College Dublin & the Mater Hospital.


              Brian is a registered and accredited Systemic Family Psychotherapist with the Irish Council of Psychotherapy and the Family Therapy Association of Ireland. He has lectured on accredited undergraduate and post graduate program's in psychological theory and therapy. He has designed and delivered two M.Sc. programs both of which have been validated by Middlesex University, London.

              His area of interest, practice and research relates to the phenomenon where children resist contact with a previous loved parent in an unjustified way in the context of high conflict separations and divorce often, referred to as parental alienation. He acts as an expert witness in private family law proceedings where alienation may be considered to be a factor.


              Brian has completed the only study regarding parental alienation in Ireland. This study adds to a paucity in the literature globally. It was conducted with ethical permission from the Human Research Ethics Committee at University College Dublin and graded A in final examination.


              Brian has been published in peer reviewed and non peer reviewed journals nationally and internationally. He has delivered seminars regarding PA at a variety of venues including the British Psychological Society's Annual Conference (2016) in Nottingham and more recently at Queens University Belfast (2018) and the Tavistock Clinic London (2018).



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              • Presentation of paper “The Alienated Child” at International Parental Alienation Awareness Day, conference, Dublin, 2015.
              • British Psychological Society’s, Annual Conference, Nottingham, April, 2016.
              • Redressing the impact of parental alienation: working with the family
              • Irish Association of Social Workers, Special Interest Group, Lucena Clinic, Rathgar, Dublin. Presentation of research findings of study titled “Being Alien – The Lived Experiences of Alienated Parents in Ireland” September 26, 2016
              • Irish College of Humanities & Science, Limerick post graduate presentation of research findings titled “Parental Alienation Understanding, Indications and Awareness, November 24, 2016
              • Parental Alienation – Denied Contact in High Conflict Separation and Divorce, CPD seminar to faculty and lecturers PCI College, Dublin, March 9, 2017
              • Research findings Being Alienated – The Lived Experiences of Alienated Parent Ireland – seminar to Post Graduate Research Seminar, DCU School of Nursing & Human Sciences, December 2017
              • In the best interests of the children: Exploring parental alienation & estrangement, School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work, Queens University, Belfast, April 25, 2018
              • Parental Alienation – A Systemic Perspective, Second Systemic Postgraduate research conference – curiosity and critical practice, Tavistock Clinic, London May 4, 2018.

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