Help Us Eradicate Parental Alienation

The fight against Parental Alienation requires a concerted effort to eradicate this form of psychological and emotional abuse.

The primary tool in this battle is education, once we help parents and professionals understand the dynamics of Parental Alienation we will make it more difficult for these individuals to continue their campaigns of abuse.

We have created a range of training products to be delivered from this platform.

So how can you help?

If you are creating awareness of Parental Alienation, run an online group or have an online presence you can join our Awareness Partner Program and promote our training products. For every successful purchase you will make a commision which we hope will help you to continue to fund your vital work.

Why are we doing this?

We have 4 goals, Awareness, Education, Intervention and One Cohesive Message. The delivery of our training products meets these goals. Only when the public and professionals become aware of Parental Alienation, become educated on its dynamics can we implement effective intervention protocols.


Once people all speak the same language, then and only then will the voices of the unheard victims of Parental Alienation finally be heard and we will get away from the reductionist narrative that has hindered the acceptance of Parental Alienation as a true form of psychological and emotional abuse.


We use the ICD-11, DSM-5, and peer reviewed literature to structure our educational programs so as to ensure the integrity and validity of the information we provide.


It is our intention to use these training products to send the ultimate message to the world.


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We value the efforts that you make in creating awareness around Parental Alienation and we want to support your efforts by delivering credible training programs that will make it more difficult for these psychologically damaged individuals to perpetuate the hell that is Parental Alienation.

If accepted as a Parental Alienation Europe Awareness Partner you will earn a commission on the successful purchase of any of our training products.

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